Many people are curious about whether they can buy tickets for the popular Indian lottery game, Lottery Sambad, online. This guide provides a clear and straightforward explanation tailored to anyone interested in participating in Lottery Sambad, especially those new to lottery games.

Understanding the Sale of Lottery Sambad Tickets

Lottery Sambad is a well-known lottery in India that holds draws three times a day. It’s important to note that currently, Lottery Sambad tickets cannot be purchased online. This decision is guided by several reasons related to security, regulation, and accessibility.

Why Lottery Sambad Tickets Are Not Sold Online

  1. Regulation and Legality: In India, the legality of lotteries is determined by state laws. Some states allow lotteries, while others do not. Because of these varying regulations, managing online sales can be complex and challenging. Selling tickets only through authorized physical retailers helps ensure that all legal requirements are met in the states where the lottery is allowed.
  2. Preventing Fraud: By limiting ticket sales to physical locations, Lottery Sambad helps protect participants from potential online scams. Online environments can sometimes make it easier for fraudulent activities to occur, such as selling fake tickets or phishing for personal information. Purchasing a ticket from a recognized seller guarantees that the ticket is genuine and that the buyer’s money is going to the right place.
  3. Ensuring Participant Eligibility: Selling tickets in person allows the seller to verify the age of the buyer directly. Since lotteries are restricted to adults, face-to-face sales prevent minors from purchasing lottery tickets, thus adhering to legal age restrictions more effectively than online sales might.

Can Lottery Sambad tickets be purchased online

How to Purchase Lottery Sambad Tickets

To buy a Lottery Sambad ticket, one must visit an authorized retailer. These retailers are typically found in markets, shopping areas, and near busy streets. Here’s how you can purchase a ticket:

  • Locate an Authorized Retailer: Make sure the retailer is recognized by the Lottery Sambad authority.
  • Choose Your Numbers: You can pick your own numbers or let the machine generate a random set for you.
  • Pay for Your Ticket: After paying, you will receive a physical ticket, which is your proof of purchase and will be needed to claim any winnings.

Advantages of In-Person Ticket Sales

Buying tickets from a physical store may include benefits such as:

  • Immediate Physical Proof: You receive an immediate physical copy of your ticket.
  • Personal Interaction: You can ask questions and receive immediate answers from the retailer.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: Your purchase helps support local vendors.


While you cannot buy Lottery Sambad tickets online, purchasing them in person from authorized retailers is a straightforward process that ensures compliance with legal standards, helps prevent fraud, and confirms the eligibility of participants. This method of selling tickets supports a secure and transparent lottery experience.

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