Lottery Sambad 2020 is a very popular lottery game like Sikkim and Mizoram state lottery in India. It is an online website where all information about lotteries is available for the users. This website is updated on a daily bases.

Many people are fond of playing lottery games. Nowadays, there are many interesting versions of the sambad lottery. Their names are also interesting and complimentary. These are Dear Lottery Sambad, Ajkal Lottery Sambad, Lottery Sambad Today, Dear Evening Lottery Sambad and much more.


If you are interested in playing the lottery game then this website is beneficial for you. Because in this site, all information is available regarding lotteries, daily results, and live lucky draw, etc. So, you can download and check sambad lottery result online on the website.

Sambad lottery system is one of the oldest and trustworthy lottery systems in all states of India. Unlike, other lotteries, people choose sambad lottery system. Therefore, the number of lottery tickets are sold out every day. Thus, people spend money on tickets and expect to win cash prizes through these lucky draws.

Which is The Lottery Sambad? (History)

Sambad newspaper was published in October 1984 in all states of India. After getting popularity, this newspaper started the lottery system and it targeted many states in India to attract the majority of the people. In limited time, this sambad lottery became familiar among 75% people of India.

In Nagaland, people call Nagaland state lottery and  In West Bengal, people call West Bengal State Lottery  As we heard stories from our elders about a man who becomes a millionaire in one night.

This lottery system is the gateway to becoming a millionaire one day Only luck can make you rich or poor But never lose hope and try try again. One day you get success and become a millionaire.

Sambad Lottery Live Results Timing

The lottery result is announced three times in a day. You cannot only once participate in the lottery system. You can participate in the lottery game again and again and increase your chance to become a millionaire. The time and day of the result are the same all around India.

Lottery Sambad Result 11AM

Lottery Sambad Result 4PM

Lottery Sambad Result 8PM

In India, people are very excited to participate in lottery games. They are anxiously waiting for the result of the lottery. People are daydreaming to win prizes that’s why they invest their little amount of money and waste quality time on lotteries. Sambad lottery makes it easy for their keen participants.

It shows results live on their official website on time. you can watch live and download results from websites in the form of the pdf file. Rarely, live results get delayed due to some technical issues otherwise the team members try their best to update the result on time.

Results Timing

Lottery Sambad 11 AM Result

In the morning, the first result of the lottery is announced at 11:55 am. So, the first prize winner is announced by the lottery organizers. The winner receives 16 lacs of Indian rupees prize by cash. 16 lacs INR is the big amount. It can change one’s lifestyle, business start-up, build home and buy a car, etc.

Monday Dear Loving Morning
Tuesday Dear Sincere Morning
Wednesday Dear Faithful Morning
Thursday Dear Kind Morning
Friday Dear Tender Morning
Saturday Dear Gentle Morning
Sunday Dear Affectionate Morning

Lottery Sambad 4 PM Result

Particularly, participants are more excited at 4 pm results. 16 lacs INR prize is announced once again. Therefore, the ticket price is very low only 6 INR. Mostly, people are only participating in the lottery for big prizes.

  • Sunday
  • Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
  • Monday
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak
  • Tuesday
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
  • Thursday
  • Dear Bangashree Ichamati
  • Friday
  • Dear Bangashree Damodar
  • Saturday
  • Dear Bangabhumi Ajay

Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result

Specifically, at 8 pm result, the amount of 26 lacs INR prize is announced. Therefore, all participants are very excited and anxiously waiting for dear evening sambad lottery results.

Because everyone has crossed one’s fingers to win the biggest amount prize. The price of the ticket is the same as before. So that the more you purchase tickets than it increases chances to win the first biggest prize.

  • Sunday
  • Dear Falcon Evening
  • Monday
  • Dear Eagle Evening
  • Tuesday
  • Dear Parrot Evening
  • Wednesday
  • Dear Flamingo Evening
  • Thursday
  • Dear Hawk Evening
  • Friday
  • Dear Ostrich Evening
  • Saturday
  • Dear Vulture Evening

note: You can check the result of the lucky draw and can easily download the pdf file from an online site. The results are available on different websites and even on popular social websites Facebook. You can get instant updates via Facebook pages and groups.

Dear Lottery Sambad India

This lucky draw is played all around India. So that more than 50% of the people of India are highly engaged by the lottery system.  Therefore, the government of India has been approved of this lottery system. You can legally buy lucky draw tickets and get prizes.

Sikkim State Lotteries Today

Like sambad lottery system, Sikkim state lottery today result can also view online and download pdf file online. The team members are updating Sikkim’s lucky draw result daily basis. The lottery results are announced three times a day like other lottery games.

Nagaland State Lottery Today

Nagaland state lottery system is very famous among the people of India. So, you can check and download the pdf file of Nagaland state lottery results online via the official website.

Aajkaal Lottery Sambad

In India, there are various ways of checking the results of the lottery system. The player can check results on different websites including the official website. So, this is called aajkal lottery sambad. Thus, Aajkal lottery sambad is basically current lottery games in which results, any information, and announcements are included.

Who is eligible to participate in the sambad lottery?

Anyone who has an Indian identity card can buy lottery tickets and participate in all lottery games.

Mobile App or Sambad Lottery

Sambad team has developed a mobile app for their customers. Now the result is just far from one finger touch. You can just download or install the mobile app of the lottery sambad on your mobile. Here, you can check and download lucky draw results from it. Technology has made things easier for the users.